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Great Lakes shipping is dedicated to exploring the many types of ships that currently ply their trade on the Great Lakes of North America.

We aim to provide you with useful and informative detail on the routes, types of ships, ports and the best places on the Great Lakes to see these magnificent vessels!

Ships from all across the world can enter the Great Lakes shipping routes via the St Lawrence Seaway and by navigating through the 7 locks of the Welland Canal in Ontario - no mean feat!

This site will also try to provide details of all things shipping related around the beautiful Great Lakes of Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario.

Follow our links to discover fascinating insights into famous ships of the Great Lakes, such as the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, the "mighty Fitz" who sank in the November Gales of 1976, whose mystery is still discussed today all around the Great Lakes, spawning dozens of books, documentaries and songs.

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