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Website Design

When it comes to designing your website we have two simple goals:

  1. To create a site that you will be proud of
  2. To create a site that is an asset to your business or association

We offer a comprehensive service ranging from domain registration and hosting to logo design, sourcing of photographic images, and search engine optimisation.

We will keep you informed of the site progress every step of the way and will allow you to view it as it progresses.   Only when you are completely satisfied will we put the site live.

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How we work

Eight simple steps to getting your site live

8 steps to getting your site live

The Initial Consultation

You contact us with an outline of your requirements by email.  This tells us what it is you want to achieve, what colour schemes you have in mind, any thoughts you have on layout and design etc and what your thoughts are around future changes. It is important that you tell us as much as you can so that we can fully assess what is required and produce an outline design for you to consider.  

If you're not sure what you need or need assistance we are more than happy to help you.


Once we have a good idea of what you are looking for,  we will put together a quotation, which will cover design, production and domain name registration. We will also let you know how long it will take to produce an initial draft of your site.

Domain Registration or Transfer (if required)

If you require a domain name (eg or require us to host your site we will register it on your behalf. The name will, however, be registered in your name as it will belong to you.

If you already have a domain name and would like to use it or would like us to arrange hosting we will do that for you. There will be a hosting fee due for this but we will tell you how much that is before we do anything. 

Design Stage

Based on your original requirements we will start to build your website.  We normally start with the homepage to make sure you are happy with that before we start work on the other pages.

Initial drafts will either be emailed to you or we will provide you with a link to a temporary site for you to view online.  If you are happy we will then start to develop the rest of the site.  If you are not happy with the initial draft we will work with you to create something that you want – either be changing the design or starting again from scratch.

From past experience we usually manage to get the look and feel of the site agreed within a couple of attempts.

Development Stage

Once the design has been agreed with you we will start to build your site, this includes navigation between pages and other sites.  At this stage we will need you to provide us with the content (ie the text and any images you may wish to use).  If you are sending images please ensure they are your own and have not been copied from other internet sites as they will more than likely be protected by copyright.  If you do not have any images we can provide them for you as we have over 50,000 at our disposal.

Testing and Optimisation

We regularly test the site as we build it to ensure that all links work as they should and that it meets current web standards.  We check to make sure it can be viewed as intended on all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. We also make sure that the header code contains relevant keywords and descriptions to ensure the site is optimised for the search engines.


Once the design and construction is complete, we will ask for your approval to publish the site. Please remember that it is your responsibility for proof-reading and accuracy of the site content.

Publication and Site Submission

Once you are happy that the site is complete we will invoice you for the full amount of the fee.  Once payment is received we will publish your site.

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